Dimo Sustainability Performance 2013-14

As a globally respected, locally influential company employing over 1,500 people, Dimo understands that sustainability and governance are fundamental to our success and must be implemented into every part of our value chain as core elements of our overall corporate strategy. With a view to enhancing transparency in this area, best practices in sustainability reporting are adopted by the DIMO Group.

Sustainability and enterprise governance related information provided in the Annual Report 2013/14 ( www.dimolanka.com/annual-report-html/), together with the corporate GRI content index and additional Key information relating to sustainability given herein ( www.dimolanka.com/sustainability/sustainability-perfromance ) and the corporate governance disclosures available at www.dimolanka.com/investors/stewardship are prepared “In accordance – comprehensive” of the Global Reporting Initiative(GRI) G4 standards.

An Independent assurance statement on Non-Financial Reporting, obtained from DNV GL is available on the Annual Report 2013/14.